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Tournaments Results: Round 3

We are delighted to bring you the latest update on the A1 Adria League Group Stage Round 3 results, featuring our talented CLA Croatia players. The fierce competition witnessed remarkable displays of skill and determination from our participants and we are proud of their performances. Let's dive into the exciting outcomes: - Th3Prod1gy 1:2 Hara

- marac90 2:0 McJasik

- FICO 2:1 Novo

Our players showcased their expertise in intense matchups, and each battle revealed their unwavering commitment to victory. While Th3Prod1gy, unfortunately, suffered a defeat, marac90 emerged victorious with a dominant 2-0 triumph against McJasik. FICO, once again, proved his mettle by securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Novo.

Now, let's take a look at the current standings: FICO 3:0 / marac90 2:1 / Th3Prod1gy 1:2

FICO's remarkable performance has earned him an early qualification for the Finals. His consistent victories demonstrate the dedication and effort he has put into honing his skills. A hearty congratulations to FICO for this impressive achievement!

For marac90, who stands at 2-1 in the Group Stage, one more triumph will secure a spot in the Finals. We have complete faith in marac90 abilities and eagerly await their next match. Let's show our support and encourage them as they strive for their rightful place in the Finals.

Th3Prod1gy still has a chance to turn the tide. With two more victories, Th3Prod1gy can secure a spot in the Finals. Let's rally behind them and provide the motivation they need to make a remarkable comeback.

We extend our best wishes to marac90 and Th3Prod1gy for their upcoming matches, knowing that they have the support of the entire CLA community behind them. Let's cheer them on and stand united in our commitment to their success!

With great excitement and anticipation,

Team CLA

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