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Tournament Results: A1 Adria League Qualifier #4 and FIFA eWorld Cup Qualifier #4

The A1 Adria League Qualifier #4 was recently held, and the competition was fierce. This stage featured some of the best players from the region, and for CLA Croatia the results are nothing short of exciting.

FICO has emerged as the runner-up, with marac90 finishing in third place. Both players put on some impressive performances thoroughly deserved their spots on the podium.

Players like IGL, Rixo10, and WinniePooh also participated in this qualifier, and although they didn't make the group stage, they were great. They all managed to reach the Top 16, showcasing their skills and proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the competitive gaming scene.

The final standings of A1 Adria League Qualifiers saw FICO finish in second place, with Th3Prod1gy finishing in seventh place. Both players managed to qualify for the Group Stage that will feature the top eight players. We are confident that both guys will undoubtedly be looking to put on a show and make it to the later stages of the tournament.

The FIFA eWorld CupQualifiers, however, didn't go as well for Filip, he was swissed 1-3. FICO faced tough competition from the FIFA 17 world champion, gorilla, and the ePremier league champion, shellz, who represents ManCity. One more Qualifier is not far behind, and we believe that FICO will come out on top!

Congratulations to all the players who participated, and we look forward to seeing their successes in upcoming competitions.


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