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An exciting FIFA 23 leak has emerged online that hints at Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Serie A POTM SBC coming to Ultimate Team. The news was given out on social media by reliable content specialist FIFATradingRomania, who posted the information on their accounts. This is sure to excite the community and especially those who use Serie A-based squads.

Kvaratskhelia's base item in FIFA 23 is quite underpowered as it's a silver card. The community found a nice alternative during the Future Stars promo when the Georgian received his first special item. It had some huge boosts to the stats, which made it a hot favorite for the community. The card is quite costly to get from FUT Market, and hence it remains out of the hands of many players. Moreover, it can no longer be found in packs as the Future Stars promo has expired.

Unlike the Future Stars version, the Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Serie A POTM SBC will be a better alternative. It will certainly be part of a challenge that will offer greater accessibility. FIFA 23 players won't have to depend on any pack to get the special card, and all they will need to do is just complete the task in the allotted time.


In 2019, Barcelona signed a deal with game developer Konami to be a global partner on their PES eFootball brand.

Both parties are entering a critical year in terms of their relationship. If Konami is to renew, they’ll need to see the emergence of new stars, global heavyweights that can help drive customers to their flagship title. Of course, the blue and red should be enough, but given how poorly the game has been received, it may not be. As for Barca, they’ll be hoping that eFootball once again rivals EA Sports’ title, especially as the FIFA branding will be gone by 2023. The value of the partnership, in financial terms, is almost certain to be affected by in-game sales and Barca needs good marketing partnerships to increase the playing budget.

Even if you're not a Barcelona fan and are even more a Real Madrid supporter, you still want to see the original Camp Nou and fight in El Clásico as genuine as possible, don't you? We hope EA opens their wallet again and secures the licenses.


For those who don't know, grind rails is a trick with a skateboard which many spend many hours trying to do in real life. It requires you to jump and be able to grind your skateboard across the rail for multiple seconds.

This skateboard skill is now been turned into a virtual challenge/quest by NBA 2K23 for players to complete within The City. We have managed to work out how to do this for anyone struggling and it doesn't take long to learn at all. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Get yourself there a railing that is around stomach height in The City.

2. Equip your skateboard. To do this, Xbox players have to press LB then select the skateboard in your items. PlayStation players have to press L1 then select the skateboard.

3. Make sure your player is in line with the railing, with the top of the skateboard facing the rail.

4. You then have to perform the 'ollie' trick whilst also moving towards the railing. To do the 'ollie', Xbox players have to simply press A, whilst PlayStation gamers have to press X.

This might take some attempts, but once you have managed to perform the 'ollie' on the railing, then you will have completed the quest to grind rails in The City.

As you can see, this doesn't take long at all, and the best part is that it is also a lot of fun to do so no doubt you will be performing this skateboard trick multiple times after completing the challenge.


The first 2K23 player ratings update since the All-Star break dropped Thursday, and the results weren't exactly shocking.

Damian Lillard—not far removed from a 71-point performance against the Houston Rockets—and Julius Randle, who has the New York Knicks looking like one of the beasts of the Eastern Conference, were among the players to get a ratings boost. Kyrie Irving also got a nice bump after a good start with the Dallas Mavericks.

There has perhaps been no better player in basketball than Lillard since the turn of the year. It's not just that he became one of eight players in league history to score 70 or more points, he's also single-handedly kept the Trail Blazers within striking distance of the play-in spots at No. 12 in the Western Conference. He's scored at least 25 points in all but three games he's played in 2023. His performances include 50-, 60- and 70-point games.

Meanwhile Randle—along with Jalen Brunson—have got the Knicks looking like a true conference contender. Before Tuesday's loss to the Charlotte Hornets, New York rattled off nine consecutive wins and moved into a top-five seed in the Eastern Conference. Randle earned a one-point boost to his rating.

Jalen Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder earned the biggest bump this month, raising his overall rating four points to an 82.


Insider Gaming sources have revealed that FIFA 23 will have a brand-new event this April called the ‘Trophy Titans’. It’s believed that the event will take place on April 7, 2023.

As for what the event entails remains to be seen, but it has been suggested that the event will feature the most decorated players that have ever played the game. It’s not understood on how long the event will last, but typically FIFA events last around one to two weeks.

Earlier this week (and reported by Insider Gaming prior), it was announced that the NWSL would be coming to FIFA 23 on March 15.


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