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Pro Gaming Cup Włocławek 2024 Recap

This weekend marked the end of Pro Gaming Cup Włocławek 2024, a major esports event conducted in Włocławek, Poland. During the course of the tournament, 200+ best Polish players faced each other in order to get their share from an impressive 24K PLN prize pool.

Obviously, our Polish division couldn’t miss this chance, and ANTEK, Sugar, Osken, 01pablo, Zimny, and metr70 took it upon themselves to represent CLA in this tournament.

The competition was divided into 3 stages and kicked off with 4 Online Qualification rounds, played in Swiss Bo1 format. Unfortunately, it has proven to be a stopping point for Zimny and 01pablo. The other guys have successfully entered the Top 16 and went to the offline Group Stage in Włocławek.

During the Group Stage, players were split into groups, competing in a round-robin Bo3 format. The top four from this stage were set to advance to the Finals, where they would compete against each other and four additional top players who had received earlier invitations.

While none of our team members made it past the Group Stage, it's important to highlight that the tournament brought together the elite of Poland's professional eFootball scene. Regardless, it was an invaluable experience for our players. We are grateful to all participants and organizers for creating such an incredible event, and we look forward to future tournaments.


Team CLA


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