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OoLancer champion “FIFA 22 Open Cup”

On December 4-5, in Kiev, an open tournament "FIFA 22 Open Cup" was held.

From the CyberLiveArena league gamers, (OoLancer), (Void) and (AlBack) took part in this event.

In an uncompromising battle, with more than 100 participants, CLA players demonstrated the highest level of play.

Unfortunately (Void) and (AlBack) stopped a few steps before the coveted championship.

The champion of the "FIFA 22 Open Cup" was a gamer (OoLancer), who throughout the entire tournament path did not lose a single match, and demonstrated superiority over all his opponents.

Thank you for participating and support (Void) and (AlBack)! And we are sincerely happy about one more trophy (OoLancer)!

Go Play With CLA!


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