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One Step Before Victory: A1 Adria League Season 12 Recap

Last Friday marked the end of the 12th Season of the A1 Adria League. Starting all the way back in September, players have experienced an incredible journey filled with high-class action and competitive spirit. CLA Croatia legends FifaFico, Th3Prod1gy, and marac90, along with TUNA13, Banderas, JokerTole, and TheKum53, took it upon themselves to win the championship. Here is a brief recap of the events that unfolded.

A notable aspect of this competition was the switch from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC24 during the later stages. The tournament kicked off with four open qualifier cups. The top 8 players from these cups advanced to the group stage. Unfortunately, only FifaFico, Th3Prod1gy, and marac90 progressed to the Top 8, more determined than ever to win.

The group stage consisted of matches played in the Swiss format. Players who secured 3 wins advanced, while those with 3 losses were eliminated. Fortunately, all our players made it to the grand finals.

The Top 4 matches, played offline in Zagreb, Croatia, followed a double elimination Bo3 format, culminating in a Bo5 grand final. While marac90 and Th3Prod1gy secured fourth and third places, respectively, FifaFico, who won the winners bracket, entered the grand finals with a 1-0 advantage. Sadly, he finished in second place with a total score of 1-3.

Despite not winning the championship, we are extremely proud of all the players who participated in this remarkable event. Your achievements exemplify your passion and dedication to the game, inspiring fans in Croatia and worldwide. The fact that the majority of the finalists were CLA players speaks for itself. We eagerly look forward to seeing similar displays of skill in future events.



Team CLA


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