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marac90 wins the Telekom eSports Championship!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

From May 8th to June 10th, Croatia hosted the Telekom eSports Championship. This exciting gaming event brought together talented individuals from across South-East Europe to showcase their skills and compete in various esports titles, including FIFA23.

The stakes were incredibly high, with a substantial prize pool of 2,800 euros up for grabs, fueling the intense competition and passion. Inspired by the challenge, the players and coaches of CLA Croatia ventured into the FIFA23 tournament, consistently delivering impressive performances throughout the event.

The journey began on May 8th with the Qualifiers stage, drawing in around two hundred players, including those from Croatian division. Single Elimination - BO1 format of this stage was quite challenging, since if you lost a single game, you were immediately eliminated from the competition. Among the ten players representing CLA Croatia, a trio of brstimir, TUNA13, and marac90 secured their spots in the Playoffs.

The Playoffs took place on May 22-23 and featured a total of eight players. This stage of the tournament followed a Double Elimination - BO3 format, providing opportunities for those who faced early defeats. While TUNA13 was eliminated form the competition, both brstimir and marac90 showcase outstanding performance, successfully advancing to the Finals.

The thrilling culmination arrived with TEC FIFA Finals on June 10th, where brstimir and marac90 went head-to-head in a fierce battle for the grand title. Ultimately, brstimir secured an impressive second-place finish, while marac90 emerged as the champion, capturing the hearts of viewers with his exceptional gameplay. As a token of their achievement, both guys received cash prizes, with marac90 being awarded €1,000 and brstimir earning €700.

The Telekom eSports Championship in Zagreb was one epic event, representing the true passion and competitive spirit of gaming. The FIFA23 tournament was especially lit, with CLA Croatia players bringing their A-game and blowing everyone's minds with their insane skills. Big shoutout to marac90 and brstimir for crushing it and good luck to both of them in their future gaming adventures!

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