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Highlights from the A1 Adria League

The A1 Adria League tournament, which ran from April 7 to June 3, showcased incredible player talent and prizes for CLA Croatia players. These competitions were filled with excitement, disappointment and ultimately a commendable finish in the TOP 4. Let's take a closer look at their performance in the tournament.

Daily Qualifiers:

More than 150 players competed in numerous qualifiers throughout the month, so the competition was fierce. Many professional and semi-professional players from the region demonstrated their skills. Among them, FICO and Th3Prod1gy stood out with impressive performances. FICO showed consistent play, scoring 130 points and taking a remarkable 2nd place in the standings. Th3Prod1gy, though not as successful, scored 100 points and placed 7th. Unfortunately, marac90 just missed out on qualification for the Group Stage, finishing just below the cutoff. However, an opportunity presented itself when one player from the top 8 dropped out, allowing marac90 and two other competitors to compete for the last spot, which he took advantage of decisively.

Group Stage:

As the tournament moved into the group stage, FICO continued to impress. Dominating his matches, he prevailed with a perfect 3-0 score. His competence and composure ensured this magnificent performance. On the other hand, marac90 also performed strongly, finishing the stage with an impressive 3-1 score. Unfortunately, Th3Prod1gy encountered some difficulties and finished Group Stage 1-3, but his efforts and participation deserve respect.


FICO and marac90 started out in the double elimination stage in the upper bracket but were unable to win their matches. However, their paths crossed in the lower bracket, leading to a tense match. In the end, FICO won and secured a place in the next round, while marac90 dropped out of the tournament for a place of honor in the TOP-4.

Despite a stubborn struggle, FICO eventually lost in the last match on penalties, ending his journey with an honored 3rd place and a prize of 300 euros. Meanwhile, marac90's experience and diligence throughout the tournament earned him a fairly 4th place and a prize of 150 euros.

Overall, the A1 Adria League tournament was an exciting experience for CLA Croatia's players. Their performances demonstrated their desire and ability to compete at the highest level. Although FICO and marac90 may not have made it to the offline finals, their making it to the top 4 is a testament to their abilities. We appreciate their efforts and look forward to their future performances on the virtual pitch. Congratulations to all the players for their outstanding performance in the A1 Adria League tournament!


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