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Recently, the second stage of the first season of CLA EuroCup ended, and we are thrilled to present its results to you. After the end of all group stage matches, we are pleased to present you with the brackets of tomorrow's final stage Playoffs.

The Upper bracket is presented by matches between: BiZzon_98 (UA Team 1) and FicFiric (HR Team 1), as well as Th3Prod1gy (HR Team 2) and Ganger_29 (UA Team 2).

The Lower bracket includes matches between: ACAW (UA Team 3) and stdm (UA Team 4), as well as TUNA13 (HR Team 4) and Banderas (HR Team 3).

Who among these eight players will become the first winner of the new CLA EuroCup tournament? If you, cannot wait for the answer, do not miss the broadcast of matches on April 16, 2023, at the following links: /

And if you cannot watch the matches, follow our social media and blog to stay updated on the final results!


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