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Go Live with Subscriber!

Guys! We are excited to announce that an event that many of you have been waiting for so long is happening today, December 24. CLA's top FIFA player, OoLancer, will perform five matches against CyberLive!Arena subscribers as part of the "Gamer vs. Subscriber" event. The event's Regulations may be found via the link:

Regulations for _Go Live with Subscriber_ promotional event_EN
Download PDF • 60KB

After reviewing over 1000 entries, we selected five contestants from Eastern Europe whose task will be not to win the game but to score as many goals as possible against a professional esports player. Also, we didn't forget about the audience and prepared a nice cash bonus for the most attentive. To participate: - Take a screenshot of the OoLancer GIF that appears on screen during the match's online live stream (the GIF will appear on the screen twice). - Post a screenshot to your Instagram story and tag the CLA page @Cyber_live_arena. The two contestants who complete the conditions the quickest win. Will the contestants be able to handle such a challenge? Will OoLancer once again demonstrate that it is unsurpassed? Let's find out together during the online broadcast: Twitch and YouTube. See you on the stream!


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