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Brace Yourself for the Epic Battle: CLA EuroCup is Coming to Change the Game!

Hold on tight, guys, because we're about to take you on an incredible journey.

A long and winding road

Back in 2019, the CyberLive!Arena was founded with the ambition to become a premier destination for esports and gaming. We've been trying to bring aspiring talents the best from the professional esports scene, and we've worked hard to fine-tune our tournament structure so that it would maximize players' personal development while still allowing them to enjoy their favorite games without losing that sparkle. And for a while, we believed we had found the perfect balance between competitive action and entertainment.

However, as hundreds of players from three European countries joined in on the action, it quickly became clear that we had outgrown the traditional competition format. And as our fifth anniversary draws near, we are more than ready to step up our game and take things to the next level.

Throughout 2022, we’ve been gathering feedback from the community, industry leaders, and partners; and following months full of brainstorming sessions, tests, and working on mistakes, we are thrilled to finally unveil our brand new and exciting tournament format that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The New Beginning

We are launching the CLA EuroCup, our very first three-stage international eFootball event featuring twelve of the best players from across the CLA divisions vying for the honor of being crowned an absolute champion. From the intense daily qualifiers to the gripping group stage and culminating in the heart-pumping playoff, this competition promises to be an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.


CLA EuroCup will kick off with Daily Qualifiers that will run for two weeks, Monday to Friday, comprising round-robin divisional tournaments played in Kick-Off mode at Legendary level.

The top four players from each division will progress to the Group Stage, where they will compete in Ultimate Team mode in a Bo2 format.

Playoff will take place on Sundays once every two weeks and feature a double elimination bracket played in Bo3 format in Ultimate Team mode. The 12 players will battle it out, with only one emerging as the ultimate winner.

For players who didn’t make it to CLA EuroCup, we’ll host late-night Regular Tournaments, following our usual format. These events provide a wonderful opportunity to practice and perfect skills and strategies while also enjoying the competitive environment of CyberLive!Arena.

The CLA EuroCup Rules and Regulations were carefully crafted to ensure a fair competition for all players. From the daily qualifiers to the final stages, competitors must follow strict gameplay, behavior, and sportsmanship guidelines. Any rule violations may result in penalties or disqualification from the event.

What else to expect?

  • Updated website structure

  • Dedicated CLA EuroCup page with schedules, results, and player stats

  • New line-ups in-between live broadcasts

This tournament marks a significant milestone for the CLA, and we couldn't be more excited to enter into this non-stop action and unique, highly competitive environment.

So buckle up, grab your popcorn, and get ready to be blown away by the ULTIMATE BATTLE OF SKILLS AND PASSION: the countdown for the CLA EuroCup is on!


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