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eEuroleague Season 2 Recap: Shpaolin's Performance Left Everyone Amused

Last Sunday marked the end of 2nd season of the eEuroleague tournament series. It has proven to be an exciting event, captivating for both fans and players, thanks to its unique atmosphere and action and sheer passion of the organizers. This tournament also featured CLA representatives: Shpaolin and Comi.

You have most likely heard of Dominik “Shpaolin” Jovanov before. He has previously competed in regular CyberLive! Arena tournaments, where his unmatched skills helped him to swiftly build his name as one of the best eBasketball players in the Croatian division. After months of dominance on the field, he decided to take the new challenge head-on and transition into coaching, where he could share his deep understanding of the game with other players. Mislav “Comi” Dvorski is CLA coach, and a veteran of the professional esports scene, who competed in many major leagues for eFootball and eBasketball titles and has extensive business experience prior to his esports career.

eEuroleague featured 36 best gamers in Europe and guest players from other continents, competing head-to-head together with real-life Euroleague superstars and pro basketball players like Sasha Vezenkov, and Jaleen Smith, as well as Overtime Coach Ali Liaqat and Adidas Next Generation Youngstar Aleksandar Gavalyugov. The matches were played with an exclusive add-on for the PlayStation 5 version of the NBA2K “Virtual EuroLeague.”

The tournament began with Group Stage, where all 36 competitors played 70 matches to determine the 32 players that would proceed to the playoffs. Our players showed amazing performance, swiftly advancing forward. The playoffs were played in a single elimination format with Bo5 matches until the top 4. Unfortunately, it has proved to be a stopping point for Comi, as he lost a close 2:3 to Zarko Avramovic. Despite that, Shpaolin, who was playing for the Valencia Basket (VBC), managed to get right into the finals, where the winner was determined by a series of Bo1 duels. After a chain of spectacular victories, Shpaolin has rightfully earned the title of the ultimate champion.

We are proud of the results, showcased by our representatives. We hope that this will inspire more of our players to take part in similar tournaments, as it is evident that they possess the required skill and passion for top positions.


CLA Team


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