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DreamHack Summer 2024 Results

This week marked the end of DreamHack Summer 2024. Set in Jönköping, Sweden, this massive esports event featured our favorite football simulator, EA Sports FC 24. 512 world-class players competed for the $100k USD prize, with the top 6 winners securing spots in the Esports World Cup 2024.

Continuing their DreamHack journey from Dallas, our eFootball stars Fico, Neerven, and JokerTole returned for a rematch. This time, they were accompanied by Ostat, Majkel, zimny, dewidek, Schabson, and natsuu from CLA Poland, as well as Banderas from the Croatian division.

The tournament began on June 14 with a series of Qualification Rounds, with the best 32 players advancing to the Sunday Playoff. Unfortunately, none of our players passed the qualifiers, but it should be noted that Fico, Neerven, and Ostat (a.k.a. Ipierug) all progressed quite far in their respective brackets.

Nevertheless, it was an invaluable experience for all our players as they had the chance to compete with the best of the best in the EA Sports FC 24 world. Take a look at some moments from our time at the event, and make sure to visit our Instagram page for a short aftermovie:


Team CLA


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