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CLA Switches to New Hockey Simulator

Dear community,

We have some great news. Starting from October 30th, all of CLA eHockey events will transition into the gaming environment of the latest installment of our beloved hockey simulator. Be aware that this will not lead to any changes to overall events number or the schedule.

NHL 24 features new Exhaust Engine, technology that encourages attackers' side for a strategic offensive game. This has a tremendous effect on match pacing, as the “momentum” is the key aspect of this edition. Additionally, players can expect a revamped physics-based contact system, reworked goalie controls, and numerous bug fixes, all set to elevate NHL 24 to new heights.

As we strive to stay in touch with the latest esports trends, this transition was inevitable. We are confident that the upcoming year with NHL 24 will prove to be truly exciting.


Team CLA


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