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CLA's Incredible Journey in the Ekstraklasa Games

We are excited to share our players' journeys in the recently concluded Ekstraklassa Games tournament. This event was organized by the Polish professional football league, PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, and gathered some of the country's top eFootball players. In addition to significant cash prizes, participants battled for an invitation to Tier 1 FIFA world competitions.

Representing Polish division were our champions: Neerven, Ostat, dewidek, and zimny, all determined to win. Midway through the tournament, another prominent Polish player, natsuu, joined the CLA league and continued his journey alongside our players. We also can't forget CLA Poland legend Majkel, who secured first place in the prior Pierwsza Liga tournament and was waiting to compete with his colleagues in the Ekstraklasa Finals.

The event kicked off with a series of eight separate tournaments, each divided into Group and Playoff stages. At the end of each tournament, players earned points based on their performance, which determined their future in the event. Also, by the end of these tournaments, the top six players would advance directly to the Finals, while those in 7th to 12th places would enter an additional Playoff tournament.

Right from the start, the first stage has proven to be an emotional rollercoaster, with constantly shifting standings that kept it unclear who would advance until the very last moment. Showcasing incredible and consistent results, Neerven and Ostat rightfully earned their places in the Finals. Unfortunately, zimny and natsuu didn't accumulate enough points and were eliminated from the tournament. On the other hand, dewidek managed to stay in the competition and continued his journey in the additional tournament. There, he secured a spot in the Top 4 and also advanced to the Finals, scheduled for April 27-28.

Just like before, the Finals began with a Group Stage, which unfortunately marked the end of the road for Majkel. All the other players advanced further, into the final Bo1 Playoff stage. After a strong start from all our players, dewidek lost to another renowned Polish player, Riptorek, in the semi-finals during penalties, while Ostat was defeated by Neerven with a final score of 6-4. In the match for third place, Dewidek prevailed, outplaying Ostat by one point and finishing with a total score of 4-3.

The final showdown between Neerven and Riptorek was truly spectacular. In the end, Neerven emerged victorious, finishing with a score of 4-2 and claiming the grand prize. He has truly become a champion of the Ekstraklasa Games!

Time and again, CLA Poland continues to amaze us with their incredible performances. Their passion and dedication are not only pillars that hold together the Polish division but also an inspiration to countless esports enthusiasts around the world. A big thank you to all the participating players, and good luck to Neerven at the upcoming FC PRO World Championship and the 2024 eChampions League!


Team CLA


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