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CLA EuroCup eBasketball Season 3: Qualifiers Results

We are pleased to share the results of the CLA EuroCup eBasketball Season 3 Qualifiers, which ended on Friday. Listed below are the players from each division who advanced to the Group Stage:

  • CLA Ukraine: Fosters23, Nazgul, Purple_boy and BumbleBee

  • CLA Croatia: General77, Bjelica, Virovec77 and Octopi

  • CLA Poland: kudo_03, KD_23_13, Gdm and TheKingofK

These twelve players have divided into three groups, Groups A, B, and C, where they will face off in order to advance.

Group A:

  1. Fosters23

  2. BumbleBee

  3. Bjelica

  4. Gdm

Group B:

  1. Purple_boy

  2. General77

  3. Octopi

  4. KD_23_13

Group C:

  1. Nazgul

  2. Virovec77

  3. kudo_03

  4. TheKingofK

We look forward to seeing all the action unfold in the Group Stage, which will take place tomorrow, 15.07.2023. The matches will be streamed live on CyberLive!Arena Twitch channels, so make sure to tune in. Good luck to all the players!

Best regards,

CyberLive!Arena Team


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