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BiZzoN_98 Takes Over FIFA Cup: Tournament Highlights

Last weekend marked the conclusion of the FIFA Cup tournament, organized by Dynamo Kyiv and Checkpoint Arsenal. Among the 200 participants, the event also featured our CLA stars, D3VA, BiZzoN_98, and Ganger_29, along with the CLA coach, kiser. At stake were exciting prizes from the tournament's sponsor, MOYO, awaiting the top 32 players.

The first day of the tournament started with Bo1 Qualification stage, which didn’t pose much of an obstacle for our players. Yet, unfortunately, it was a stopping point for D3VA, who got eliminated just one step before the 1/16 stage.

The following day, only the strongest players remained to determine the champion. Despite Ganger_29 elimination in 1/8 stage, both kiser and BiZzoN_98 were able to land in the finals. Their final showdown was nothing short of spectacular. However, after a fierce duel, it was BiZzoN_98 who came out on top, clinching first place.

CLA’s overwhelming presence in FIFA Cup once again proved the caliber of our players. We are proud of their achievements and eagerly await their future competitions.


Team CLA


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