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A new generation of quality

We announce to all our viewers that e-football tournaments in our league will be held on the new FIFA22 simulator and on the next generation PlayStation 5 consoles! CyberLiveArena always follows new trends and improves the quality of the content for you. Electronic Arts has announced that FIFA 22 will use the HyperMotion system, which should make the football simulator even more realistic. According to the company, the system combines machine learning technology and the work of recording the movements of players through special tactile suits with Xsens sensors. The motion recording process, in part, can be seen in the game trailer:

“The Xsens suits record all touches, interceptions, sprints and fighting moments of 22 players. This data will be used in more than 4 thousand new animations in FIFA 22. "- explains in EA Therefore, with the transition to FIFA22 in our league, you will be able to watch high-quality football battles every day. We are waiting for you on the broadcasts!

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