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СLA Weekly Digest: WHAT'S NEW IN NBA 2K23?


On January 13 FIBA and ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) announced the launch of the inaugural season of FIBA's official NBA 2K23 tournament: eFIBA Season 1.

From January 20, 30 National Federations from across the globe will be fighting for glory in the first eFIBA Season 1 on NBA2K23 using the Pro-Am game mode. eFIBA has had three successful editions of FIBA Esports Open in 2020 and 2021, and Season 1 has now been launched across social media.

"The NBA2K community and game is in the top 3 sports game titles globally," said Roger Lodewick, President Sports games at EFG. "We're therefore thrilled to start this long-term cooperation with FIBA and develop and serve the eFIBA community. It will enable us to complement the NBA2K offering with competitive national team eBasketball and provide the community with bold and entertaining online and in person events."

eFIBA Season 1 consists of seven online regional events across the four FIBA Regions of Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.

Regional Qualifiers

eFIBA 2023 Qualifiers Asia - January 20

eFIBA 2023 Qualifiers Africa - January 21

eFIBA 2023 Qualifiers Europe - January 22

Regional Finals

eFIBA 2023 Finals Asia (Middle East & South East Asia) - January 24

eFIBA 2023 Finals Africa - January 24

eFIBA 2023 Finals Americas (North & South America) - January 25

eFIBA 2023 Finals Europe - January 25

A total of 30 National Federations are divided into six conferences and will be competing for the title of Conference Champions. Each National Federation is represented by a team of a minimum of five players, each playing their own personal in-game avatar.

Several of the FIBA Esports Open 2021 champions are participating in Season 1 and the tournaments will be all about national pride as the very best players from each nation fight it out on the digital court to gain glory for their own country.

All the action will be available on the eFIBA_official channels on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and can be followed on each regional event website in Africa, the Americas (North and South), Asia (Middle East & South East Asia) and Europe. Broadcasts will be live on Twitch and YouTube via FIBA. JIMMY BUTLER’S 2K FACE SCAN APPEARED ON NBA GRAPHIC

NBA fans on Twitter had a field day as ESPN ended up using Jimmy Butler’s NBA 2K23 face scan during statistical analysis.

ESPN did an analysis of the first Eastern Conference fan vote return for the frontcourt positions. The Eastern Conference has seen a range of high-profile performances from a number of players this season. The likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, and Joel Embiid are all worthy All-Star candidates who have been the driving force behind their respective teams this season.

The same can be said yet again about Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler, who is averaging 21.4 points, 5.7 assists, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.2 steals per game to make for some incredible numbers. The player sneaked in 5th place in the All-Star votes by fans. However, fans spotted a hilarious mistake, with Butler being the only player whose NBA 2K23 face scan was used instead of a picture of his actual face.

Jimmy Butler is an extremely useful player in NBA 2K23 as well. He has been given an overall rating of 92 as a small forward in the game and has a unique “2-Way 3-Level Point Forward Build.” An overall rating of 92 puts Jimmy Butler among the top-30 current players in NBA 2K23. NBA 2K23 HAS RELEASED A NEW LOCKER CODE FOR FEBRUARY 2023 NBA 2K23 has released a new Locker Code for the month of February 2023, a popular feature in the series that allows players to redeem certain phrases for rewards that add to their ever expansive collections in multiple game modes. Ordinarily, players utilize the in-game currency of NBA 2K23 called Virtual Currency (VC) or other premium resources to earn characters for myTeam, or new cosmetics for myCareer. With the Locker Code for this month, players are able to forgo the typical grind and snag an elusive superstar athlete for free, an ample prize to those that input the code within its limited availability.

Only one code exists for the month of February 2023, and will expire early into the month based on the timeframe provided by developer Visual Concepts. Players should waste no time inputting the code through the "MyTeam" section of the main menu, subsequently traveling to the "Community Hub" section to pursue this goal. A "Locker Codes" option displays where players are able to enter the Locker Code in NBA 2K23, taking care to not make any mistakes in spelling or capitalization. Since the reward for February revolves around a rare character card rather than simply extra XP or banners, players are even more incentivized to grab this earning as soon as possible.

The speed at which this code expires cannot be understated, as it only lasts until 11:59 PT on February 3rd, 2023, a measly few days after the month even begins. Players are able to track other released Locker Codes through the social media of this developer, who regularly update their Twitter and Reddit accounts with new information as it arises. DONOVAN MITCHELL DESERVES OVERALL INCREASE AFTER HISTORIC NIGHT Now that the holidays are over, the second half of the NBA season has officially gotten underway. For the Cleveland Cavaliers and Donovan Mitchell, 2023 couldn’t have gotten off to a better start as a franchise record was set. NBA 2K23 currently has Donovan Mitchell at a very respectable 90 overall rating. He’s the 17th highest-rated player in all of NBA 2K23. However, 2K should consider increasing Donovan Mitchell’s 2K23 overall a little bit more after he set a new franchise record for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

4 weeks ago, Donovan Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Chicago Bulls. A 21-point Bulls lead was quickly wiped away as Donovan Mitchell set a new single-game scoring record with 71 points, leading the Cavaliers to a 145-134 win. Donovan Mitchell went on an absolute heater with a historic stat line of 22-34 FG, 7-15 3PT, and 71 points for the game.

With this legendary performance, Mitchell has become just the 7th player in NBA history to score 70+ points in a game. It’s just the 12th time that it has ever happened in an NBA game before. 71 points is the highest point total in a game since Kobe Bryant had 81 points for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Toronto Raptors in 2006. Donovan Mitchell now owns the 8th highest scoring point total in NBA history.

The performance that Donovan Mitchell put on for the city of Cleveland was truly video game-like. In fact, Donovan Mitchell made a reference to the NBA 2K video game franchise following the Cavaliers’ win.

Donovan Mitchell is a very talented athlete. When you take a look at NBA 2K23, and you see a 90 overall rating hovering around him, that is truly very respectable. However, after achieving a 71-point game, something that only five other players have achieved in the entire history of the NBA, we think an overall rating increase is due. NBA 2K23 RELEASE UPDATE 4.0 Perennial basketball powerhouse NBA 2K23 released its 4.0 patch notes for new generation and older consoles in preparation for the game's Season 4 release, which took place on January 13. Developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports continue to focus on improving gameplay, fixing parts of the MyNBA and MyTEAM game modes, and will be adding a new game mode to NBA 2K23 for new generation consoles in Season 4.

The 24th installment of the NBA 2K franchise was released in September 2022 and featured a new mode to send users back in time to play or run a franchise in the historical early years of the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. The MyNBA Eras mode allowed players and fans to play as or take control of some of their favorite retired players and teams and even change history by vetoing teams changing cities or drafting players in different spots, such as being able to take Micheal Jordan ahead of Sam Bowie or Akeem Olajuwon in the loaded 1984 draft. Unfortunately, the Eras mode is only available to PS5 and Xbox Series X users in NBA 2K23.

The 4.0 patch notes touch on a majority of the game modes, including MyTeam and MyNBA, as well as announcing the new Eras Quick Play game mode that will allow players to quickly experience fully presented historical matchups in Season 4. NBA 2K23 listed stability fixes and improvements to online play, various actions that would cause the game to hang or become unresponsive, and reduced on-ball steal effectiveness in certain specific situations in the patch notes as well. The new generation patch also includes updates to current and historic players' looks, some specific tattoo changes, and dynamic hair updates for Duane Washington and Keon Ellis.


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