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СLA in UEFA eEURO 2024: Tournament Recap

Recently, a plethora of CLA players took part in the national qualifiers for UEFA eEURO 2024. We are proud to present a short overview of their journey. 

This online tournament organized by the Union of European Football Associations brought together the best eFootball players from all over Europe. As per the format, each country held a separate qualifying tournament, the winners of which would get the right to represent their country in the main event. In total, CLA was represented by D3VA, Ganger_29, myxlunka, BiZzoN_98, BPBP94, Ke4_official, Pavlinho19, PhoeniX, k1w1Q, and Keeviex, with the addition of a member of the coaching team kiser.

The qualifiers were divided into 2 stages. Since there were over 70 overall participants, the first stage ran in the Bo1 format. Despite the fierce competition,  D3VA, Ganger_29, myxlunka, BiZzoN_98, and BPBP94 managed to get to the Top 16 and proceeded to the next stage. 

The second stage featured two-legged matches in a double-elimination format. From the onset, it was evident that each competitor was determined to win. The round began with D3VA, BPBP94, and myxlunka moving to the loser's bracket, while Ganger_29 and BiZzoN_98 won their initial matches. However, the 1/8 matches were challenging, and they, too, joined the others in the loser's bracket.

Navigating the loser's bracket was equally challenging. After four intense rounds, only BiZzoN_98 remained from CLA, facing ECF_Fear. In a tough match, BiZzoN_98 was ultimately eliminated.

Despite the outcome, we take great pride in our players' efforts, considering the high caliber of competition. Securing a place in the top 16 is a commendable feat. We look forward to their future tournaments with great anticipation.


Team CLA


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