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Can I apply for more than one esports title?

We encourage you to apply for the esports title that best fits your skills and interests. Keep in mind that applying for more titles won't increase your chances.

How long is the qualification process?

  • Submit application: we'll try to follow up within two weeks if we're moving forward.

  • Recruiter call: you’ll have a quick chat with our team members about your gaming skills and esports background.

  • Gaming skills test: you'll be asked to play several matches with one of our active members and showcase your expertise in the selected title.

  • Internal security check: we'll arrange for you to visit your local CLA office, where you'll have a series of interviews with our Security Service.

It's intense but ideally, the process is meant to discover whether the fit's good for both us and you.

I interviewed/applied last year and wasn't selected. Can I apply?

Needs change, and people grow. If you've leveled up since your last application, feel free to apply to the appropriate esports title.​


Please fill in the form and #TeamCLA will reach out to you shortly!

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